The WCU MBA Program offers an online option for students seeking to complete their degree through distance education. Our Online MBA offers the same curriculum and is taught by the same high quality faculty who teach our in-class courses. Additionally, the WCU Online MBA is one of the most affordable AACSB accredited programs offered by any U.S. university. Whether you are a Pennsylvania resident or reside out-of-state, you pay the same highly affordable rate.

Because we received so many inquiries regarding the Online MBA, we have prepared the following answers to questions we typically receive. If you would like additional information please contact us.

How does the WCU Online MBA differ from in-class courses?
The WCU Online MBA follows the same structure and requirements as our traditional in-class program. The only difference is that courses are taken online instead of in the classroom.

Can the entire MBA be completed online?

I reside outside the state of Pennsylvania. Can I enroll in the Online MBA?
Yes. The WCU Online MBA is open to both in-state and out-of-state students.

Who teaches the WCU Online MBA courses?
Professors for the WCU Online MBA are often the same as those who teach in-class.

What is the tuition for the WCU Online MBA program?
The WCU Online MBA is a tremendous value for both Pennsylvania residents and for those who reside out-of state! The 2014-2015 tuition is shown below (note this does not include fees):

  • Pennsylvania Resident - $1,362 per 3 credit course
  • Non-Pennsylvania Resident - $1,389 per 3 credit course

Are admission requirements to the WCU Online MBA the same as the requirements for in-class students?
Yes. Admission requirements for the WCU Online MBA are the same for both online and in-class students.

Do I have to be admitted to start taking courses?
No. As with our in-class MBA program, students can take all Foundation-level courses and up to two MBA-level courses before they must apply. However, students who have not yet applied and been admitted to the MBA Program are limited to taking only one MBA-level course per term and two MBA-level courses in total. Additionally, the MBA Program limits which MBA-level courses may be taken prior to admission.

How are Online MBA courses delivered? Do I have to be in front of my computer at a certain time each week?
West Chester University’s Online MBA courses are primarily taught asynchronously with students being required to meet certain learning, assessment and other requirements within a stated time period. However, certain elements of some courses may require students be accessible online at a specific date and time. Additionally, the potential exists that some courses may require students submit to proctored assessments.

Do online courses ever meet in the classroom?
No. Online courses do not meet in the classroom.

Can I take some online courses and some in-class courses?
Yes. Students may complete the WCU MBA by taking either online or in-class courses. However, preference for enrollment in online classes is given to students who have indicated they are pursuing their MBA through the online option. While preference for in-class courses is given to students who have indicated they are pursuing their MBA through the in-class option.

I am a non-Pennsylvania resident, if I also take an in-class course do I pay the same tuition as I would pay for an online course?
No. Non-Pennsylvania residents attending an in-class course pay the out-of-state in-class graduate tuition rate. This rate is higher than the out-of-state online graduate tuition rate.

What courses are required for the WCU Online MBA?
The course requirements for the WCU Online MBA are the same as the requirements for students taking in-class courses.

How long does it take to complete the WCU Online MBA?
This depends on how many courses a student needs, how many classes a student takes each term and the semester they start. In general, it will take students needing all Foundation-level and MBA-level courses about three years to complete their degree, while students needing only MBA-level courses can complete their degree in about two years.

Other than testing are there any other times when I need to be available?
This depends on your course and your professor’s requirements. For instance, in some cases professors may assign students into teams and teams may need to work together including having meetings. Such meetings may take place in several ways (e.g., video conference, telephone, chat) and may require students be available at a certain time.

How are online courses delivered?
WCU delivers its Online MBA through Desire2Learn (D2L) online courseware. Within D2L professors teaching online course have many options for delivering course material including video, voiceover presentations and readings, and many options for distributing assignments including blog postings, file uploads, discussion forum and online testing.

What are the technology requirements for the Online MBA?

Students taking online course are required to have the following:

  • High-speed (broadband) Internet access
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013
  • Java must be installed on computer to access certain areas of online courseware

Additionally, for some courses students may need the following:

  • A webcam and microphone for presenting online

Can Certificates also be earned online?

How can I obtain more information about the WCU Online MBA Program?
You can contact the WCU MBA office.

Is there additional information on Distance Education at West Chester University?
Yes, more information is available at the West Chester University's Distance Education site.