Hybrid courses are a blending of face-to-face interaction, such as in-class discussions, group work, and lectures, with typically web-based educational technologies, such as online course assignments, discussion boards, and other web-assisted learning tools.  The amount to which the design of hybrid courses utilize traditional classroom and online learning environments varies, depending on the subject matter and overall nature of a course.  Regardless of the design, such courses may be expected to deliver instruction in both an asynchronous and synchronous manner, and are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society.

West Chester University’s Hybrid MBA combines both in-class learning and online coursework.  The In-class portion includes 3 hours of class time one evening a week on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 6-9 PM (there are no classes on Friday evenings or weekends, with the exception of the 1-credit Residency Seminar).  The online portion includes approximately 2.5 hours of additional course work.  Students should also expect to have several hours of assignment work each week.

The Hybrid MBA combines both in-class learning and online coursework.  All classes in the Hybrid MBA are taught with a shortened term structure, thus providing students a scheduling structure that is conducive to accelerating studies.

Combined with WCU's highly affordable tuition, the shortened term structure allows students to get maximum value out of company tuition reimbursement programs while earning their degree in a reasonable period of time.

Hybrid courses offer the potential to join the best of both worlds, with face to face and online work.  They also offer the freedom and flexibility for students to choose when to work on their courses.  Hybrid courses allow time to reflect on discussions and to formulate responses in greater depth.  If you enjoy the freedom to work on courses on your own time, but still enjoy some time discussing subject matter with faculty and other students, hybrid courses are perfect for you!