The Graduate Business Certificate program is primarily intended for students who need knowledge of major business disciplines but have not yet committed to seeking an MBA.  Admission into the Graduate Business Certificate program will be open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Students pursuing the Graduate Business Certificate can take courses within any of our learning formats (online or hybrid).

Students seeking a Graduate Business Certificate must meet University academic policies  related to grades and other certificate program requirements. 

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Business Certificate may apply to the MBA Program, however, these applicants must still meet the requirements for admission to the MBA.  Grades from courses in the Graduate Business Certificate may be used to assess a student's previous GPA as part of the MBA admission evaluation.


Courses in Certificate Program

The Graduate Business Certificate consists of the MBA program’s six Foundation-Level courses.  The certificate course structure includes:

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Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
 ACC500  Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
 BLA501  Legal Environment of Business 3
 ECO501  Business and the Economic Environment 3
 FIN500  Principles of Corporate Finance 3
 MGT501  Managerial Principles and Communication 3
 MKT501  Marketing Management 3

Course Transfer or Waiver
Students may use previous coursework to satisfy requirements for one course within the Graduate Business Certificate.  The coursework must match the requirements for the course and have been taken within the last six years from the time they apply for the certificate program.